Supply Chain

   Bell Group UK:

  • Creates an efficient supply chain through operating an approved supplier list
  • Involves suppliers from the earliest opportunity
  • Shares knowledge, experience and expertise with suppliers
  • Has long-established relationships with leading paint suppliers

"We believe our commitment to forming partnerships and maintaining stringent selection procedures has visibly lead to us offering the best possible value for our clients."

Every aspect of the supply chain is vital to the success of Bell Group UK

We operate an extensive process for the selection, usage, monitoring and review of our supply chain.

We strongly believe in ethical trading and work hard to develop collaborative agreements with our suppliers. The result is that our customers benefit with the best possible value and the highest possible standards.

The key to success for a Bell Group UK supply chain is to plan carefully and work efficiently. We want our supply chain to be able to react quickly to any problems or unforeseen circumstances – and find resolutions to any issues that may arise while maintaining the levels of quality that are expected.

Bell Group UK has long-established relationships with the most highly regarded paint suppliers in the country – including Crown Paints, ICI Akzo Nobel and PPG.