Specialist Coatings

Bell Group UK

  • Offers experience in offshore protective coatings including NORSOK M-501.
  • Provides marine customers with high performance silicone coating systems.
  • Offers long term reliable protection of steel in severe environmental conditions.
  • Offers experience in high performance coatings in the petrochemical sector.

Selecting and applying specialist coatings are not jobs for laymen – they must be left to the experts. This is where Bell Group UK comes in, as our experts have a full understanding of how specialist coatings perform and are fully trained in the complex methods of application.

NORSOK M-501, Marine offshore and fire protective coatings are particularly commonplace. Often applied to vessels, structural and submerged steelwork, piping and petrochemical these coatings can ensure optimal long term protection of the structure with a minimum need for maintenance. A pre-qualified coating system assures customers of long-term reliable protection in severe environmental conditions.

It doesn’t matter what type of specialist coatings you require – whether it is corrosion resistance, resistance to atmospheric exposure, immersion, mechanical and thermal stress all of these specialist coatings can be applied by Bell Group UK.  However, it is often helpful to get some guidance on how certain coatings will perform in certain temperatures and conditions – and here at Bell Group UK, we will be happy to assist you.