Resident Communication

   Bell Group UK:

  • Offers residents choice and consultation
  • Provides notification to residents on the proposed works
  • Offers digital imaging to show how a colour scheme will look
  • Dedicates the services of a resident liaison officer for the term of the contract

"For Bell Group UK there is nobody more important than our customers – and we will work with every individual to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction."

Any company that boasts a residential building knows the importance of keeping its inhabitants happy – which is why resident communication should be a key consideration when planning maintainance painting and decorating.

Bell Group UK is happy to involve residents in every stage of the project. We will be pro-active in the community; and by offering increased communication and consultation we believe we can produce higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Among the services we offer to ensure a high level of resident communication, is digital imaging: which will give residents a clear view of how a colour scheme will look to ensure they are satisfied even before the work has commenced.

So if you want resident communication to be a key feature in your project, get in touch with Bell Group UK now.