Our Values


George Bell, Chairman of Bell Group UK, started his career at the age of fourteen as an Apprentice Painter, working through every level of the trade until he took his first steps on the entrepreneurial ladder at 29 years of age in April 1984.


We have created and maintained a unique structure, ensuring a solid network of key personnel based at local branches, who provide great support for our clients on a local basis, but who also benefit from the strength and expertise of the national Organisation.

Through continued family ownership,alongside the strong, pioneering influence of the Bell Family second generation, with Craig Bell now at the helm as Chief Executive, we have ensured our core values and objectives are integrated throughout every level of the Company’s activities and continue to instill passion in our employees through encouraging entrepreneurship. We strive to maintain a family ethos in terms of; our community investment, respect for people and long-term career opportunities we provide. Above all, we value our employees’ backgrounds, opinions and wellbeing and truly believe that their input and feedback is key to maintaining a successful business.

Our Key Aims:

•      Excellence in workmanship

•      Job satisfaction amongst our staff

•      ‘Right firsttime’on every project.

•      Provide Value for Money – guaranteeing best quality of service for price.

•      Tailored Customer Care Package

•      Sharing Information with clients, customers and suppliers to improve our service and the industry as a whole.

•      Strong commitment to community investment

•      Provide a Sustainable Service

•      Improve Quality of Trades through training and influencing industry bodies

•      Maximising apprenticeships and employment opportunities in a variety of trades


•      Our CSR Campaigns ‘Leave a Legacy’ and ‘Inspiring the Future’

•      Beneficial Career Development and Training for our Employees

•      Employment Stability for Employees

•      Putting our Customers first.

•      Open door approach of Management.

•      Good communication

•      Instilling a passion and empowering our employees

•      Benefits by Encouraging more Diversity within our Workforce and the Industry

•      Promoting Equality of Opportunity.