Operation Paint Run

Bell Group is committed to recycling and reducing any negative impact we may have on the environment. With this in mind, we launched Operation Paint-Over.

This initiative takes our surplus, reusable paint and puts it to good use by finding it a good home.  Working in collaboration with our contract partners PPG, Bell Group collected over 300 litres of paint, that we pledged to deliver free of charge to the local community.

Bell Group was delighted at the fantastic response from Riverside who worked in partnership with us to put this paint to good use revitalising neighbourhoods.

In addition to this, we also be volunteered to help the Riverside Your Place team deliver their free DIY service. The Your place team  work in all Riverside neighbourhoods supporting vulnerable tenants to maintain their quality of life by helping them with DIY, decorating and gardening work. They also work to clean up the local environment.

Operation Paint Over not only endorses our commitment to recycling, but more importantly has helped to support the tenants of Riverside.  Bell Group are currently rolling this initiative out across the across the UK.