Age is nothing but a number

Why do I keep hearing that the older generation struggle to get jobs?

I often hear of people in their 50s and 60s struggling to find employment and to be quite honest, I don’t understand why this is the case. Is it that employers believe they will take more time off work due to ill health? Do they assume the older generation aren’t as computer literate and therefore less productive? Or do they believe the investment isn’t worth the shorter return before retirement?

Field Studies Council - Blencathra Residential centre


Field Studies Council, FSC, is an environmental education charity providing informative and enjoyable opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to discover, explore, and understand the environment.  FSC is an independent charity receiving no core revenue funding from statutory sources and we therefore rely on fees paid by visitors and on the generosity of donors, trust funds and grant bodies to finance our activities.

Project Work

The site was purchased in 2013 by the FSC and substantial improvement has been made to the building infrastructure as part of the renewable energy project, including a comprehensive district heating system, door and window retrofit and insulation. These unique buildings provide field courses for schools and universities at all levels as well as courses for individuals and families. It is primarily a residential Centre with increasing numbers of day visitors partly as a result of a close working relationship with the YHA.

Bell Group delivered full internal refurbishment of existing residential building including remodelling of bedrooms to maximise space, formation of en-suite bathrooms, design and installation of commercial kitchen, upgrade toilets, lounges, full rewire of property to fit with the renewable energy requirements, upgrade of plumbing installation and fire alarm system, new flooring, full internal decoration.

Type of Works:

•    Full internal strip out of all rooms in building
•    Remodelling of existing rooms to form en-suite accommodation
•    Remodelling of existing kitchen / dining area
•    Full strip out and refurbishment of existing male / female toilets
•    Internal / external underground drainage alterations to suit new en-suite rooms
•    Full design and installation of new electrical and plumbing installations
•    Full design and installation of fire alarm system
•    Full installation of internal floor finishes inc Karndean, vinyl, carpet
•    Full internal decoration inc Muraspec wall coverings, wet wall shower panelling
•    Refurbishment of existing sliding sash windows
•    Refurbishment of existing period external doors

RAF Spadeadam


RAF Spadeadam, located in Cumbria, is the only Electronic Warfare Tactics facility in Europe where aircrews can practise manoeuvres and tactics against a variety of threats and targets that they face in contemporary warfare. 

The facility attracts aircraft from the RAF, Royal Navy, British Army and NATO Forces. The survival of aircrews over Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere, and the soldiers on the ground who depend on air support, are affected by the training provided by RAF Spadeadam.

Project Work

Working in a live RAF MOD operated camp, we delivered full internal refurbishment works in a former hospital building. Creating new offices, mess areas, kitchen space and toilet upgrade. Working with the client on the design, we installed of LED lighting, power, IT installations, fire alarm systems, toilet upgrades, new flooring, doors, skirtings and facings as well as being fully decorated. 

This contract was awarded through competitive tender following a comprehensive tender process Type of works:

•    Full internal strip out of all rooms in building
•    Remodelling of existing rooms to form office accommodation
•    Remodelling of existing kitchen
•    Full strip out and refurbishment of existing male / female toilets
•    Internal / external underground drainage alterations to suit new rooms
•    Full design and installation of new electrical and plumbing installations
•    Full design and installation of fire alarm system
•    Full design and installation of LED lighting
•    Full design and installation of suspended ceilings
•    Full installation of internal floor finishes inc  vinyl, carpet
•    Full internal decoration inc Muraspec wall coverings, wet wall shower panelling
•    Refurbishment of existing windows
•    Refurbishment of existing external doors

RAF Spadeadam is the largest RAF Station (by land area) covering 9600 acres, and run by a small team of RAF personnel, civil servants and contractors (currently Landmarc) working in partnership. It is also surrounded by residents, all of which were taken into consideration when we planned our works.  
This included, creating ‘safe zones’ within the base, ensuring all personnel were segregated from construction areas but can still go about their daily business. All works were planned taking into consideration events on base and there was no disruptions.  
Client feedback noted that they were very happy with the collaborative approach to delivery, they especially mentioned the cost savings and planned considerations to avoid disruptions. A successful project, delivered on time and on budget.

Cumbria County Council: Window Replacements


Haverigg Primary School is a creative and nurturing community, who strive to inspire all of their children, families and staff to grow in confidence, think big and aim high. They are proud of our school and are determined, every single day, to do their best.  They love the outdoors and take every opportunity to learn in the beautiful countryside, beaches and woods that surround them, no matter what the weather forecast is.

Project Work

Bell Group replaced old windows and external doors throughout the primary school with new more durable uPVC.  uPVC is non-corrosive so it will neither rust or rot and the frames will not let the cold and damp into the classrooms and schooling areas. The uPVC double glazed windows have high insulation properties and with double glazing, the vacuum between the panes prevents the cold air and draughts from entering and the warm air and heat from escaping. As the windows are insulated it also reduces the outside noise coming in. Our experience in these works ensured that we completed all our works on time and on budget during the school holidays ready for the children to come back after the break.  

We were appointed these works through the Cumbria County Council framework as an approved contractor. The works were organized by Day Cummins consultants.

National Health & Wellbeing Programme

This autumn will see the launch of our new national health and wellbeing programme. Formalising the tools we have in place to support our continued commitment to creating an engaging workplace and our staff in their personal and professional lives.

The aim of our Health and Wellbeing Strategy is to identify issues that our staff may face, what can be done to address them, and what outcomes we want to achieve.

Our strategy encourages individuals to work together to:

  •       prevent where we can


Bell Group Goes Football Crazy at Newcastle United Football Club

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