Inverness Team Brightens Up City School Room

Volunteers from our Inverness branch gave up their time to transform a city school room at Merkinch Primary School in time for Christmas.

The Ocean Room was a little bit tired at Merkinch Primary School, which consists of a pupil roll of 350, and our local team stepped up and offered to help give the room a refresh.

The team kindly gave up their weekend and are overjoyed by the results.

Teacher Alisa Watson said, "The Ocean Room is Merkinch Primary’s safe space, a mix between cosy comforts of home and the primary classroom. It offers children a calm space where they can learn to play, manage emotions and build personal relationships. The painters very kindly volunteered to come in on a weekend and we appreciate it greatly."

Archie Donoghue, Branch Manager from our Inverness Branch said, "We do what we can to help out locally and this school is just down the road. It means a lot to give something back and we are glad the children can enjoy this space we have helped create."