Bell Group UK:

  • Is committed to improving industry standards.
  • Promotes partnering and the exchange of ideas and knowledge.
  • Develops long-term partnerships with suppliers.
  • Substantially reduces defects.

"Bell Group UK may aim to set standards across the nation but this starts at local level through creating strong partnerships with small businesses and enhancing the entire marketplace."

As part of our corporate social responsibility, Bell Group UK aims to assist the entire marketplace.

We are conscious of local employment issues and it has long been the policy of the organisation to employ local labour and complement them with local management teams throughout the UK. Our subcontractors are all small local businesses in the marketplace – whether they are sign writers; plumbers; joiners; plasterers; or printers.

Another aspect of our commitment to the marketplace is our willingness to employ apprentices. Bell Group UK is considered one of the largest employers of apprentices in the entire construction industry.

Above all however, Bell Group UK aims to assist the marketplace by raising standards. Whether it’s through offering thorough health and safety systems; boosting sustainability and environmental performance; or our commitment to high quality finishes; Bell Group UK is earning unprecedented levels of respect throughout the industry.