Investors in People

   Bell Group UK:

  • Achieved Investors In People status in 2005.
  • Makes long-term investments in employees.
  • Has achieved high levels of trust.
  • Improves the skills of our workforce.
  • Offers employees job satisfaction and a sense of purpose.

"Achieving Investors in People status has helped Bell Group UK to boost our organisational performance and make long-term investment in employees – improving skills and raising aspirations."

Bell Group achieved Investors in People status in July 2005 and we have found that this has allowed us to improve organisational performance through the management and development of our people and provide long-term investment in our employees. It has allowed our Managers to meet the objectives of the organisation and to manage and develop our people effectively now and for the future

By adapting our Human Resource policies as directed by the Standard we have achieved higher levels of trust, people engagement and co-operation.  It has allowed us to set our employees clear goals and has allowed us to improve the skill base of our workforce.

It has also enabled us to enhance our employees understanding of our business and for them gain a sense of purpose.  Our employees have achieved job satisfaction, commitment, ambition and motivation.  Our training and appraisal methods encourage long-term growth.

Investors in People has encouraged us to raise aspirations and heighten standards; It has been used as a tool to enable us to achieve our goals and objectives.