Customer Care

   Bell Group UK:

  • Considers contractors, our clients and their residents.
  • Promotes continuous improvement.
  • Aims to provide a remarkable service.
  • Encourages feedback which we listen to and react to.
  • Carefully analyses data and audits results.

"Through constant monitoring and evaluations, we look forward to continually improving our service to our customers and to all the people affected by our work."

Our commitment to establishing Best Value and better Quality Public Services leads us to promoting effective dialogue with the Local Community and to establish a solid communication network with all parties involved in a contract.

Resident Liaison and Customer Care is a hugely important part of what we do. We are happy to talk to residents/customers and have found real benefits in raising awareness about our work. Through setting up an effective communication strategy, we have experienced increased co-operation from residents, we gain access with ease, the “claim culture” is reduced, allowing us to focus on the most important aspects of customer care. 

Equality within our operations and service delivery takes into account the views and expectations of user groups such as, people with disabilities and ethnic minorities – people who traditionally have been less involved in the decision making process; we also have policies and processes in place that deal with providing special care to all vulnerable groups.

By proactively developing our relationships with the local communities, such as by encouraging increased levels of resident participation, we are able to actively address the needs of the residents and customers. We are pleased to benefit from your input, not only in the initial stages at workshops for setting standards, but throughout the project where we encourage the attendance of representatives at progress meetings.

What our customers think matters to us; we will always endeavour to review and act on any feedback as a matter of urgency.