Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Mission Statement

"Bell Group is committed to sustainable development. Committed to staying at the forefront of technical and legislative industry changes. Committed to delivering the highest levels of service and quality now and tomorrow."

Best Practice

Bell Group integrates corporate social responsibility into our daily operations and business strategies and works closely with employees, their families, clients, consumers and the local community to improve their quality of life.


Targets include: influencing governments on human rights issues; protecting the environment; boosting community involvement in its projects; enhancing supplier relations; and ensuring the best possible work conditions for employees.


Bell Group is one of the largest employers within the coatings industry; invests heavily in training programmes; has built an environment that respects employees’ rights; maintains a structured incentive scheme; and offers a stable working environment.

Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of Bell Group – in our approach to our employees; our clients; our suppliers; and the environment.

Not only do we respect different cultural values; work tirelessly to improve our environmental performance; and educate customers on what is best for them and anyone affected by our work; but Bell Group also aims to tackle issues such as human rights head on, and we are working diligently to influence governments in these areas.

Our employees benefit from extensive training; bonuses; and a stable working environment that aims to raise standards for employment; while our suppliers enjoy an exchange of knowledge, technology and ideas while also being encouraged to do all they can to enhance the reputation of the construction industry.

In short, thanks to our approach to corporate social responsibility, Bell Group isn’t just enhancing our business and our working environment; we are also lifting communities and proving a standard bearer in our field.