Core Principles

   Bell Group UK:

  • Outlines core principles to ensure we offer the best value.
  • Aims for continuous improvement by responding to feedback.
  • Works quickly to resolve issues.
  • Believes mutual objectives are at the heart of any agreements.

"What we aim for is to achieve the best value; and to offer our customers real value for money – this means resolving issues quickly, striving to improve and working for each other’s success."

What collaborative working means to Bell Group is really very simple; it is the development of better ways of working together;  continuous improvement will be the main focus of any successful collaborative arrangement

Everyone works together for success, focusing on the core principles of Partnering:

Mutual Objectives:  – we set Mutual Objectives at the outset to meet long term goals.

Objectives can be things like:  Improved efficiency through improved communication; Cost reduction through continuous improvement; Good public relations by being proactive.

Issue Resolution  - the very word issue sounds so negative! So we adopt a systematic approach to resolve 'ISSUES'.

We promote non-adversarial attitudes within our Team; what an Issue resolution process actually does is to ensure that we take positive action on issues instead of hoping they will go away.

Continuous Improvement - is demonstrated by performance measuring and acting on results from performance analysis, this forms the basis of achieving Best Value.