A&P Group Cargo Ferry Painting

Value: £116,786

A&P was originally founded as a centre of expertise in ship design and construction in 1971 and remains 100% privately owned. Our trusted and proven heritage in marine engineering services has become a dynamic catalyst for future-facing development and innovation.


Project Work

While Ro/Ro cargo ferry Norcape, was in dry dock the hull coatings above and below the waterline were applied. Bell Marine UK Ltd also renewed the deck coatings, carried out repairs to the ballast tank and refurbished the accommodation areas, garage-deck bulkheads and deckhead. The specialist materials used in the project included single-pack acrylic topcoats, modified pure epoxy abrasive-resistant primers and a hybrid TBT-free-anti-fouling coating system.

End Result

The refit, a complex operation sometimes involving over 100 personnel working simultaneously on the ship, was completed to its original 42-day schedule to the delight of everyone concerned.