Jigsaw Redecoration


Jigsaw is a leading-edge fashion chain with its own clothing and accessories design team based in West London. In the fiercely competitive and image-conscious fashion arena, the retail environment is of immense importance. Distinctive shopfitting, flawlessly decorated and finished, is part of the experience.


Project Work

Bell Group was commissioned to work with jigsaw’s own shop designer to create a fresh look in the company’s prestigious Edinburgh store. Set in George Street in the city’s historic New town, the walls and ceiling are painted in neutral colours sympathetic to the magnificent interior, with the intricate ornamental coving accentuated in a contrasting colour. The warm, soft effect enhances the very special character of the building.

End Result

Jigsaw were delighted that the work was carried out while the shop was still trading. The presence of the public in close proximity to our craftsmen made health and safety issues and unobtrusive working practices even more critical than usual.