RAF Spadeadam


RAF Spadeadam, located in Cumbria, is the only Electronic Warfare Tactics facility in Europe where aircrews can practise manoeuvres and tactics against a variety of threats and targets that they face in contemporary warfare. 

The facility attracts aircraft from the RAF, Royal Navy, British Army and NATO Forces. The survival of aircrews over Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere, and the soldiers on the ground who depend on air support, are affected by the training provided by RAF Spadeadam.

Project Work

Working in a live RAF MOD operated camp, we delivered full internal refurbishment works in a former hospital building. Creating new offices, mess areas, kitchen space and toilet upgrade. Working with the client on the design, we installed of LED lighting, power, IT installations, fire alarm systems, toilet upgrades, new flooring, doors, skirtings and facings as well as being fully decorated. 

This contract was awarded through competitive tender following a comprehensive tender process Type of works:

•    Full internal strip out of all rooms in building
•    Remodelling of existing rooms to form office accommodation
•    Remodelling of existing kitchen
•    Full strip out and refurbishment of existing male / female toilets
•    Internal / external underground drainage alterations to suit new rooms
•    Full design and installation of new electrical and plumbing installations
•    Full design and installation of fire alarm system
•    Full design and installation of LED lighting
•    Full design and installation of suspended ceilings
•    Full installation of internal floor finishes inc  vinyl, carpet
•    Full internal decoration inc Muraspec wall coverings, wet wall shower panelling
•    Refurbishment of existing windows
•    Refurbishment of existing external doors

RAF Spadeadam is the largest RAF Station (by land area) covering 9600 acres, and run by a small team of RAF personnel, civil servants and contractors (currently Landmarc) working in partnership. It is also surrounded by residents, all of which were taken into consideration when we planned our works.  
This included, creating ‘safe zones’ within the base, ensuring all personnel were segregated from construction areas but can still go about their daily business. All works were planned taking into consideration events on base and there was no disruptions.  
Client feedback noted that they were very happy with the collaborative approach to delivery, they especially mentioned the cost savings and planned considerations to avoid disruptions. A successful project, delivered on time and on budget.