RAF Cranwell Painting

Value: £55,000

RAF Cranwell is the home of the Royal Air Force College, the first military air academy in the world. Opened on the fifth of February 1920, it was rebuilt in the 1930s to an elegant, classic design strongly influenced by the architecture of Sir Christopher Wren.


Project Work

The intricately decorated wrought iron gates and twin lanterns that stand at the entrance of Cranwell’s College Hall reflect the dignity and status of the building. The work of Flight Sergeant Benson, a serving airman who was also a coppersmith and blacksmith, they also date from the 1930s. Bell Group was recently invited to carry out a complete refurbishment of the gates and the lanterns, a project involving the skilled application of 21 carrot-gold leaf to the lettering and detailing of the crests and other ornamentation.

End Result

Our craftsmen completed the immensely satisfying task with the skill and respect it merited, and returned the entrance to its original striking splendour, much to the delight of everyone at RAF Cranwell.