Scottish Power Cyclical Sub-station Painting

Public Utilities
Value: £150,000 p.a.

Scottish Power Limited is an energy company with their headquarters located in Glasgow. In 2007 Scottish Power became a subsidiary of the Spanish utility provider Iberdrola, one of the largest electricity utility companies in the world. The company also supplies electricity and gas to homes and businesses around the United Kingdom and generates power for supply to the grid.

Project Work

The work consists of the maintenance painterwork to 13,500 sub-stations located throughout the West and Border Regions of Scotland. Bell Group UK also undertakes the reactive maintenance works for the Sub-stations, which requires completion within 30 days, however, we aim to complete within seven days.

The Scottish Power project places specific responsibilities with Bell Group UK to ensure a successful project outcome and delivery.

End Result

The collaborative relationship between Scottish Power and Bell Group UK facilitates the continuous successful project outcome. The main overall objective of the painterwork project is to ensure that the sub-stations and engineers facilities are maintained to a high standard.