Trinity House Flatholm Lighthouse Painting

Value: £28,686

Trinity House is the general lighthouse authority for England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar responsible for general aids to navigation including 69 lighthouses. Ensuring the safety of shipping and the well being of sea farers has been the responsibility of Trinity House since they were granted a Charter by Henry VIII in 1514.

Project Work

The project involved the external decoration of the 30 metre high tower, plus adjoining buildings. A team of three painters was shipped over to Flat Holm by boat from Barry Docks in South Wales.

The specification called for a two pack epoxy finish to be applied to the masonry, with all the metalwork around the lantern and store to be treated also. In order to gain access to the tower a boson’s chair had to be rigged and therefore prime weather conditions had to be present to ensure safety.

End Result