Trafalgar Wharf Heavy Duty Coatings

Value: £24,000

Situated at the top of Portsmouth Harbour, the Porchester Dockyard was until 2008, owned by Vosper Thorneycroft and was the main centre for building minesweepers for the Royal Navy. In September 2008, Trafalgar Wharf Ltd took over the yard and started transforming it into a major commercial boatyard catering for the growing market for pleasure boat repair and storage seen on the South Coast and Solent area in particular.

Project Work

Trafalgar Wharf contacted Bell Group for their advice and a heavy duty two pack epoxy coating was selected. After suitable preparation and a three coat application, the floor was ready for use and the expensive tyres were protected. Existing tramways were also causing wear and tear on the tyres, so Bell Group came up with an innovative temporary former that could be placed over the tracks whilst the forklift truck was in operation.

End Result

Further works are planned at Trafalgar Wharf to complete the transformation and Bell Group is a key partner in helping them achieve their goal of being the leading pleasure boat repair and storage facility on the South Coast of England.