Social Housing

Bell Group UK

  • Resident choice and consultation
  • Resident notification
  • Dedicated resident liaison officer
  • Resident participation
  • Access log
  • Special considerations for vulnerable groups

Our Company continually strives to be a leading edge example of good practice in the communities where we work and thanks to Bell Group’s national status, substantial involvement and influence within the construction industry, we have lead the way in taking pro-active measures towards improving quality and skills within the painting field. This has consequently lead us to promoting and developing long-term collaborative contracts and official partnerships with our clients and suppliers.  

Currently, around 60% of Bell Group’s turnover is working specifically within the social housing sector; we have therefore gained vast experience in providing an excellent customer care service, tailoring this service to match the needs of the residents.

We have secured collaborative agreements with over 200 Housing Associations throughout the UK, which does not take into consideration the many more contract agreements we have with Reistered Social Landlord clients; these contracts cover regions from the Highlands and Islands in Scotland down to the South Coast of England.  Our work, in collaboration with our Registered Social Landlord clients, covers internal and external redecoration of various dwellings and housing types, close cleaning, pre-paint repairs and minor maintenance work (eg; roofing, window replacement, electrical and joinery).

Bell Group also works in collaboration with local councils throughout the UK for the provison of services for housing redecoration and refurbishment.