Bell Group UK

  • Reduces tender costs by avoiding duplication
  • Works with your organisation to target problem areas.
  • Collaborates with contractors to reduce whole of life costs.
  • Provides excellent tradesmen and resources across the UK.

You may be a national company but the chances are you want an individually tailored service to meet your needs. That is exactly what can be expected from the services provided by Bell Group UK's management team and qualified tradesmen.

As most of our national clients operate from a single point of contact Bell Group considers that it is important to co-ordinate the client activity via an appointed single point of contact; this should assist in co-ordinating a smooth flow of business between client and Bell Group.

Bell Group UK

  • Offers experience in offshore protective coatings including NORSOK M-501.
  • Provides marine customers with high performance silicone coating systems.
  • Offers long term reliable protection of steel in severe environmental conditions.
  • Offers experience in high performance coatings in the petrochemical sector.

Selecting and applying specialist coatings are not jobs for laymen – they must be left to the experts. This is where Bell Group UK comes in, as our experts have a full understanding of how specialist coatings perform and are fully trained in the complex methods of application.

Bell Group UK

  • Offers maintenance painting across the UK.
  • Arranges maintenance painting that minimises disruption.
  • Offers substantial cost reductions.
  • Develops long-term relationships with suppliers.

It’s always tempting to put off those small tasks, particularly when money is tight – feeling that they can wait for another day. However, pushing maintenance painting to one side can be a costly mistake.

Some of the advantages of well-planned maintenance are obvious. Others are less so.

Bell Group UK

  • Offers all areas of building maintenance and refurbishment.
  • Is available for small-scale projects and full commercial office fit-outs.
  • Tackles listed building restoration.

If you thought that Bell Group UK was all about painting and decorating then think again – our wide range of services also include building maintenance, refurbishments and fit-outs.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small-scale project; or are looking for a large-scale full commercial office fit-out – Bell Group UK can tackle all levels of refurbishment. Indeed, we also have a proven track record with multi-storey developments and listed building restoration.

Bell Group UK

  • Resident choice and consultation
  • Resident notification
  • Dedicated resident liaison officer
  • Resident participation
  • Access log
  • Special considerations for vulnerable groups

Our Company continually strives to be a leading edge example of good practice in the communities where we work and thanks to Bell Group’s national status, substantial involvement and influence within the construction industry, we have lead the way in taking pro-active measures towards improving quality and skills within the painting field. This has consequently lead us to promoting and developing long-term collaborative contracts and official partnerships with our clients and suppliers.  

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