Bell Group UK is committed to its environment credentials:

  • We have created a three tier recycling scheme.
  • We aim to use environmentally friendly vehicles.
  • We encourage other companies on our supply chain to be environmentally concious.

"Bell Group UK has developed our own three tier recycling system, which is not only benefitting the company but is also offering a boost to the environment and to local communities."

Bell Group UK cares about the environment and accepts that it is part of a global community from which it derives much benefit and to which it owes great responsibility. Bell Group UK accepts its responsibility to mitigate the impact of its operations on the global community and the environment on which it depends.

We take our green responsibilities very seriously – and we have a clear focus on environmental credentials throughout our business

We recognise that we are a major user of solvent based coatings, motor vehicles and plant, which bring great benefits to modern society, but whose technologies have a detrimental effect on the environment and we also understand that some solvent based paint fumes and also CO2 emissions from engines are a contributor to global warming and especially that vehicle emissions have an adverse effect on air quality, with potential consequences for public health.

Bell Group UK is therefore committed to reducing fuel consumption and harmful emissions from the vehicles in our fleet. Not only do all of our vehicles meet Euro IV emission standards, but Bell Group UK also actively trains our drivers to operate vehicles more efficiently and to plan routes carefully. Coating chemicals are researched, and those used so far as is reasonably practicable meet with environmentally friendly criteria such as water based coatings.

The Community Repaint scheme, sponsored by Dulux, Biffa and Community Fund is unique in Britain and probably in Europe. Instead of unwanted surplus paint being disposed to landfill sites, it is diverted from the waste stream by being collected at a central store and redistributed to community groups, charities, voluntary organisations and even schools in need of paint for projects.

The continuous support and training we deliver to our people includes these visions and values.