Health & Safety

Bell Group UK’s health & safety commitments include:

  • Risk assessment of the site.
  • COSHH analysis to identify hazardous materials.
  • Method statements for carrying out the work.
  • PPE assessment of all operatives at the site.

"Our stringent controls and monitoring on-site of health & safety issues are as important to our company as applying the paint to the surface."

At Bell Group UK, health & safety isn’t just a box to be ticked – it’s something that the company is built on.

Bell Group UK has scooped numerous health & safety awards, largely because we emphasise health & safety at every stage of a project. For example, at the tendering stage we will carry out: a site RISK assessment; a COSHH analysis to discover any hazardous materials; and we will complete method statements to outline exactly how the work should be carried out.

From there, Bell Group UK will appoint a project manager to carry out a PPE assessment; while at pre-start meetings we will work with clients to outline inspections and to suggest methods of prevention to reduce the risk of accidents.

There is a strong belief at Bell Group UK that our health & safety commitments are one of the key factors that set us aside from the competition.