Childrens Society-Waves Project Redecoration

Value: £12,000

The Children’s Society Waves Project is located in Weymouth, Dorset and offers  services to young people facing bullying, drug or alcohol abuse,  accomodation and  employment problems, and managing issues that they may have in their everyday lives.

Project Work

The building is situated in a narrow sidestreet some 10 metres back from Weymouth harbourside.  In July 2009 an articulated lorry collided with the bay window, causing structural damage to the building and window.  Bell Group’s maintenance team from our Salisbury office attended site within 3 hours and made the building safe for the public and traffic using the street, as well as making it safe for the staff to continue working within the building.

End Result

After protracted negotiations with the haulage company’s insurers and the local authority, Bell Group rebuilt the bay window to the original design which required procuring bespoke window components and a new lead roof.

The building was originally painted yellow so that it was easy for people to locate. Time, wind and seaside weather inevitably take their toll and in spring 2011 Bell Group returned to site to carry out timber repairs to rotten areas of the shop frontage, and, redecorations, to a more subtle shade of colour, to the complete three storey facade.  Scaffolding was erected out of normal working hours to avoid the need for a road closure; the base lift of the scaffold was double boarded with polythene sandwiched between so that no debris could fall on the public using the pavement below and the complete scaffold was netted for the same reason.  We used Dulux Weathershield masonry paint, undercoat and gloss for all decoration.